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PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT Angelina Jolie, nor am I pretending to be. I don't know her or have any affiliation with her. Any email you send to me will NOT GET TO HER.

Thanks to _illustrated for the layout/header!


This is a community about everything Angelina Jolie. Got news? Pics? Rumours? Rants? Questions? Post 'em all!

Update: 08/06/05

A Few Rules (PLEASE READ):

If you're posting pictures that are over 500x500 in dimension, PLEASE use the LJ-CUT TAG. If you don't know about the cut tag, please refer to the FAQ here. It's the third item down.

This is very important because:
  • some people have slower/dial-up connections to the internet
  • some people have custom styles for their journals and huge pictures really fuck things up
  • some people might not want to have to scroll by a huge pic (of anything) every time they view their Friend's Page
  • it's really just common LJ courtesy

I'm sure people will remind you if you've made a mistake, but no one will yell at you (at least I would hope not). But please keep this in mind when you're posting pictures.

If you find you've forgotten the cut tag, don't post something apologizing - just go to the Comments section of your entry and click on the little pencil icon at the top. There you can edit your entry and add the missing tag.

NO advertising is permitted in this community. Entries disregarding this rule will be deleted without warning. Any other post that contains questionable language or content may be also be deleted without warning.

If you have any questions please email either of us at the addresses listed below.

lonejaguar - lonejaguar_lj.at.sympatico.dot.ca
insideout - chicklet846.at.gmail.dot.com

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